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9th October 2020   .  

Web design is a prominent part of a website. The basic structure of the website, to the color combination and the layouts, all comes under the web design. Web design is done by Web designers. Website design is an integral aspect of user experience, As good design has the potential to make a client favorable towards one’s website, whereas a bad design can repel a potential client or to say a user. So we should focus largely on the best quality design for our website.

Major Process Web Design Follows

We all know that nothing can be built in a single day, as we know “Rome was not built in a day”.

We have to follow the process to achieve the desired output.

Hence determining, estimating, and planning towards achieving the desired output in the design for a website is the web design process. It is breaking down the design task in a certain way to make a quality design. This process is followed by all the best website designing companies.

Stages of Web Design

  1. Gathering Users Requirement

This phase includes gathering requirements from both parties. This phase acts as a basement of the whole overview of the website design.

  1. Mockup and WireFrame design

 In this process, there is frequent interaction with the client as for the changes and feedback. Client feedback is acknowledged. The creative designer would calculate the feasibility of the design and the wireframe is developed based on mutual understanding.

  1. UI/ UX design

UI/ UX stands for User Interface and User experience. As we can understand this process is vital for our website design. This process helps make the website design more interactive to clients. In this process, all the major design loopholes are eradicated and a final design prototype is finalized for designing.

  1. Frontend design

This is the final step towards designing our website. In this website design process, all the cases studied earlier are implemented. The color combination, font size, logo placeholder to the image placeholder, everything is designed in this phase. This marks an end to the website design process.

Latest Technology used in Web Design

  1. HTML (Hypertext Mark-Up Language)
  2. CSS ( Cascading Style sheet)
  3. Bootstrap
  4. Java Script Frameworks such as Vue.js, Angular Js.

Some of Best Website Designs

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