Mobile App Development Cost in Nepal

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mobile app development cost in nepal

A mobile application comprises many components such as

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Design
  • Contents
  • Deploy
  • Maintenance, and more.

So let us know the actual components that you are paying for to develop a complete mobile application.

Mobile App Development Cost in NepalAccording to Framework

1. Native Application

This is a type of mobile Application developed in a certain approach that takes maximum work and cost.

As the Native Application doesn’t support different Operating Systems. Hence additional work is required to make it supportive in different Operating Systems.

Having said that the native application has some pros such as Powerful performance, Efficient Application, and high-quality functionality, and UX. The major con is the lack of multiple platform support.

The cost is high when developing a Native application.

Example: Some Application which is native is Pinterest and Artsy. 

2. Hybrid Application

This Application supports multiple Operating Systems.

The Hybrid application is the best solution for the web and mobile application.

The performance and UX quality is up to the mark but not as good as Native or the Cross-Platform Application.

The Hybrid Application cost is cheaper than the Native Application.

Example: Some Hybrid Application is JustWatch and NHS. 

3. Cross-Platform  Application

The Best option for developing an application is perhaps a Cross-Platform Application.

The app performance is great. The performance is similar to the Native Application.

It also supports multi-platform systems.

Though it is expensive than a Hybrid Application, it is cheaper to the Native Application.

Example: Some Cross-Platform Application is Bloomberg and Insightly.

Overall Mobile App Development Pricing in Nepal

So if you are planning to develop a mobile app in Nepal? Please we suggest you explore in-depth costing of mobile application before hiring a mobile app development company in Nepal.

1. Mobile Application Wireframe or UI/UX Design Charge

This separates between the better design and best design, hence it is applicable to have a wireframe or UI/UX design before designing a mobile application. There is an additional charge for UI/UX design.

The mobile app wireframe or UI/UX design cost in Nepal is around $100 for simple mobile applications depending upon the complexity of mobile applications like E-commerce. It is a one time cost, the client does not need to pay it more than once.

2. Mobile Application Design Charges

Mobile application design is an overall outlook of the mobile application.

The mobile app design price in Nepal ranges from $500 for simple mobile applications depending upon the complexity of mobile applications. It is also a one time cost, the client does not need to pay it more than once.

3. Mobile Application Development Charges

Mobile application development is a major component of the mobile application. So, while developing a mobile application, it consists of a mobile development charge.

It is the most complex and time-consuming part of a mobile application. Generally, the mobile app development price in Nepal starts from  $1000  for a simple mobile application to $50000 for a complex mobile application. It is also a one time cost, the client does not need to pay it more than once.

 4. Maintenance & Support Charge:

This is important for fixing problems encountered by the mobile application in time. Usually, the best company in Nepal provide their Clients with free maintenance and support for a year. But after the expiry of the scheme, they charge around  $50 to $200 per year.

So we can conclude the cumulative cost required in mobile application development in Nepal starts from $5000. The amount may increase depending upon the complexity of the mobile application.

What Do Post-Development Cost i.e. The Cost You May Incur to Have a Complete Mobile Application

After all the mobile application requirements are fulfilled and you have finally completed your mobile application. Although you may think that no further procedures are required.

In this topic, you will learn more about the additional things to procure so that the mobile application is complete. The Post-development cost is as follows:

1. Deploying in Store:

We have completed the mobile application. So what next? It should be visible to our audience, isn’t it?  So it should be deployed to Playstore if it is made for Android or App Store if it is made for IOS.

If it is developed in a cross-platform development framework, we can deploy in both the Operating systems.

The deployment of the application takes a certain amount of charges such as for an Android application it is around $25 for lifetime whereas for an IOS application it is $99 yearly payment. This is the final process of the Application Launch to a global audience. 

2. Text Content:

Text contents are the contents to be put in the mobile application, which should be done by the professional content writer who knows how to write a business-oriented content. Generally. In the Nepalese market, the content charges start with 0.015$ to 0.04$/ word from an experienced content writer.

3. Infographics:

For infographics, excellent content creators and graphic designers are required and the generic charge for a single design in the Nepalese market is around 8$ to 40$.

Phases of Payment for Mobile Application Development

  1. Advance Payment: This payment is done before the contract signing procedure. It is to ensure that the client is interested and would like to dive deeper into the knowledge and requirement sharing process with the respective company.
  2. Half Payment: This payment should be done before the mobile application development phase starts. After this, the work is started in a full-fledged manner in a company.
  3. Full Payment: After the completion of the mobile application. The clients are advised to pay the remaining half of the payment. This payment is usually done in the time of delivering the mobile application to the client.

Tips While Hiring a Mobile Application Developer or Development Company in Nepal

  1. We should always make sure to consult quality mobile application development companies.
  2. We should Hire or consult with the best one in the market.
  3. We should never compromise in the quality development of a mobile application, as it is your product and one-time investment.
  4. Before commencement of the application Proper planning is essential to develop a quality product.


So the cost of developing a mobile app or the price you have to pay to own a quality mobile application in Nepal ranges from a minimum of US$ 1500 and above.


How is Mobile Applications Development Cost in Nepal?

The cost of the Mobile Application varies according to the tools used and the complexity of the mobile application.

What are the types of mobile applications??

The types of mobile applications are Native Apps, Hybrid Apps, and Cross-Platform applications.

What you pay for in mobile development?

The list of things to be observed to complete a mobile application is Design, Development, Maintenance, and additional costs.

Which is the most expensive mobile application type?

The Native Application is the most expensive among the three types of mobile applications.

Is there any additional charge after the mobile development?

There is an additional charge of deployment depending upon the Operating system such as IOS and android.

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