Jul 18

July 5, 2018

Top 8 ways to motivate Software Developers

By : Karavika Bashyal / startup, technology

If you are a technical expert, your staff are a techie too. Managers in the developing team should think about...

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Jun 18

June 15, 2018

Information Technology in Organizational Development

By : Karavika Bashyal / technology

Computer technology is becoming extremely common everywhere in the society. The educational means and critical approaches toward the technology have...

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top e-commerce websites in nepal


May 18

May 29, 2018

Top 10 Ecommerce Websites In Nepal

By : Karavika Bashyal / ecommerce

Online shopping was a myth in Nepal before few years and people used to distrust the trend of online shopping....

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who are great designers theme nepal


May 18

May 9, 2018

Who are great web designers?

By : Karavika Bashyal / technology

When you enter in the mass of web designers who are interested to work for you, it is difficult to...

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Top 5 website design company in nepal


Apr 18

April 25, 2018

Top 5 Web Designing Companies in Nepal

By : Karavika Bashyal / technology

Are you a business person? Do you work somewhere? Are you a blogger? If you are among any of these...

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