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We, Theme Nepal are a bunch of creative individuals. We are driven and enthusiastic about designing and developing a quality website. In other word, we are a leading and well experienced web design company in Nepal. So, if you are looking to develop and design website in Nepal, you are just one consultation away with Theme Nepal to design and develop your dream website. Please feel free to consult, we are always there for our dear clients.


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Things To Know Before Designing a Website


The Technology for the Web Design and Applications involve the standards for building and Rendering Web pages, including HTML, CSS, SVG, device APIs, and other technologies for Web Applications.

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Web design Process

Web Design is a process and requires various phases for completion. The web design process is vital because it would make a quality web design with amazing User Interface and Experience.

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There may be various products and web design but what separates them apart from the normal web design is it`s Quality. This is an important attribute of website design. The top web design company in Nepal never compromises with the quality of product design and development.

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The duration of web design is directly proportional to the complexity of web design. Suppose if you are looking for designing a simple informational website with minimal animation and effects, it will take less time and if you looking to build a complex website, it will take more time. But there are some aspects to reduce the duration of website design.

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Every product has a cost, so it does to design a website. The cost varies from website to website depending upon the type of website and complexity of the website. There are various aspects to calculate the costings of web design. The top web design company in Nepal slightly charge more than the average design and development companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Web Design in Nepal

  • What is web design?

    Web Design generally means designing the total outlook of the website. Web design is an integral part of Website development.

  • How to buy/own a website in Nepal?

    In the context of Nepal, a website plays a vital role in recognition and business logic. Hence you can opt to develop a website through a reputed website development company.

  • Is it worth buying or designing a website in Nepal?

    Nepal has some amazing companies which can design world-class web design, so we will always recommend opting for Nepali Companies for web design.

  • Which technology or framework is mostly used to design a website in Nepal?

    In the context of designing a website, we recommend HTML, CSS, Jquery, and Javascript Frameworks as it is more popular and can serve well for the designing perspective.

  • What are the different phases/processes of web design?

    Web designing has many phases but mainly most of the top web design and development company in Nepal follows the phases such as Wireframe design, UI/UX Design, and Frontend Design and finally rigorous testing.

  • How can I be sure whether my web design is of high quality or not?

    Web design can be distinguished between the good and bad by the user experience. If users have easier access to the website, then we can analyze the quality of the website.

  • How long does it take to design a website in Nepal?

    Duration of the website design varies from its complexity, a simple website design may take a minimum time of 1 week whereas a complex website design would take as much as 1 month.

  • What is the total cost of website design in Nepal?

    This question is mostly talked about in the market. To design a quality website, the complexity of the website determines its final cost. But from the analysis, a quality and complete website design may cost a minimum of US $100 in Nepal and may raise upon the client’s requirements.

  • For what I’m paying as a website design?

    Website design consists of many phases such as wireframe designing, UI/UX designing, and Frontend design and finally testing, so to design a fully responsive design we must pay for all the phases.

  • Is the pricing fixed or will I get a discount?

    The website design comes with multiple packages so we can opt for the best cost-friendly package according to our budget.

  • What are the payments applicable to website design and development in Nepal?

    The types of payments are advance payment in time of contract signing, two-third payment, and remaining payment after the finalization of the websites.

  • What is the mode of payment to buy a package of website design in Nepal from other countries?

    The modes of payment for the convenience of the customers are by bank transfers, western union etc. But PayPal is not accepted in Nepal.

  • What are the tips to design the best website?

    The best tips to design the best website is consulting or hiring the best professional company for website design and development.

  • Why should I consult or hire Theme Nepal as my web design and development company?

    Theme Nepal is a creative paradise for the website developers and designers as we possess the knowledge and moreover we strive for excellence.

  • Do I get a free consultation from Experts from Theme Nepal?

    Theme Nepal is always available for our dear clients and well-wishers.

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On Time & On Budget

We believe to provide a Web design at an affordable budget. As we have experienced web designers who have expertise in the field, the budget would be looked after by them, we try to design a website in minimum cost and on the given time provided by our dear customers.

Most Latest Technology

The thing with technology is that it's never dormant and ever-changing. Our core principle is to deliver web design with the latest technology and styles which would boost our portfolio as well as of our dear customers.

No Compromise in Quality

Quality is the most essential thing in our industry, we always prefer to stay above our contemporaries by providing best works and winning the trust of the customers. Our core belief is to build websites with attractive web design.

Completely Free Support

We are a group of creative minds, so if you are looking for attractive web design and have no idea about it. You are at the right place, please feel free to consult with Theme Nepal regarding everything to the web applications.

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